Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin By ThemePunch

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin By ThemePunch 6.7.14

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Download Slider Revolution v6.7.14 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.7.14 (25th June 2024)
  • Mute & unmute videos not working well in some cases​
  • If preloading is active for the SR7 Data Load Method, global slides are not loaded from the third slider onwards​
  • Global setting “Include library globally” is not respected by the SR7 engine​
  • Slider not initialized when optimized by Rocket Loader​
  • SR7 removes sibling tags like span and p​
  • Vimeo attributes like pip, dnt, pip, transcript, portrait are not working​
  • The ToolBarTopFunction is still using the jQuery library, producing some errors in preview pages if jQuery is not loaded​
  • Fullscreen height on mobile is not respecting min height of content in some cases​
  • Parallax disabled on mobile still calculates the initial offset position of parallax elements which renders all layers at the wrong position​
  • SVG export with starting // is not processed properly​
  • Background image on module repeated even if the option is not selected​
  • Media library image was not showing for post based slides if featured image on a post was missing​
  • Security hardening to prevent XSS: Input sanitization and output escaping now enforced on layer actions​
Download Slider Revolution v6.7.13 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.7.13 (7th May 2024)
  • Depricated Next Slide on Focus and Disable Blur/Focus behaviour options and introduced new V7 Freeze On Blur option​
  • Enable Google Fonts global option does not respect "Disable" and loads and
  • Alternate URL for module is not migrated from SR6 to SR7​
  • DeepLink Hash Tags in URl break Modules if they added on 3thd place or later​
  • "Next Slide on Focus" and "Disable Blur/Focus Behavior" settings do not affect runtime processing​
  • Lottie and BubbleMorph AddOns not working in admin preview due to incorrect layer classes names​
  • Mouse Wheel navigation not working when screen size height is smaller than slider height​
  • Looping Slide not respecting the End time, but will restart after the last animated frame on timeline​
  • Missing background color for layers with background image assigned​
  • Global Layers with "auto" height and "%" width may not drawn straight if Module is starting outside of the viewport​
  • Loading Modals delayed, via PHP Filters may not set the defult Dimensions correctly on opened Modules​
  • Modal shows missaligned and with the wrong dimensions if Modal Module layout set to Auto​
Download Slider Revolution v6.7.12 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.7.12 (23rd May 2024)

  • On installation/plugin activation, if no Slider are present, the engine is changed to the Velocity Engine (V7)​
  • Instagram stream not displaying images​
  • Hover processing too early, negative influencing the “in” animation of layers​
  • MouseTrap AddOn when adding a click event on video without providing a layer caused an error​
  • Not initialized modules out of viewport resized incorrectly on window resize causing the horizontal scroll to appear​
  • Scroll Below under, Scroll based Timelines and Video Scrolled Content not scrolling to the right ID​
  • Fix Positioned Top Sliders by setting Pointer Events to none, without any exclusions​
  • Filmstrip AddOn flickers on mobile phones​
  • Gradient Backgrounds on SVG’s drawn Transparent since latest updates​
  • Swipe on MacOs swaps multiple slides if the swipe is thrown on a longer distance​
  • Image Layers with auto width and auto height drawn stretched​
  • Disabling Parallax Effect on Mobile has no Effect​
Download Slider Revolution v6.7.3 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
Version 6.7.3 (12th April 2024)
  • Carousel Interaction Issue: Dragging the carousel with a longer delay causes an overjump of the next element if it’s already in focus.​
  • Rapidly click on Navigation elements makes the Carousel aniamtion stuttering​
  • Text Layer Issue: Text layers cannot be selected, even with ‘Layer Selectable’ enabled in default settings.​
  • Video Dimension Issue: HTML5 video elements receive incorrect dimensions on the 2nd and subsequent slides if a fullscreen video exists on the first slide.​
Download Slider Revolution v6.7.1 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.7.1 (8th April 2024)
  • Unpublished slides showed up in V7 Velocity engine​
  • Quick selection of sliders in the page in the top admin bar is missing in V7 Velocity engine​
  • German translation files have some wrong translations​
  • Modules larger than the screen size in mobile view are limited to the screen size, breaking the layout​
  • Enhanced protection for images loading from external servers: initially attempting with cross-origin, and using without cross-origin attributes as a fallback.​
  • Horizontal scrollbar appears upon resizing if modules have not yet been initialized.​
  • Issue with Saving Global Settings in SR6 Before SR7 Initialization: Global settings in SR6 fail to save properly if SR7 is not initialized beforehand​
  • Misalignment with Percentage-Sized and Right-Aligned Elements: Elements sized by percentage and aligned to the right using max-width exhibit misalignment​
  • Layer Actions Disabled in Non-Interactive Videos: Videos set to ‘no interaction’ mode inadvertently disable associated layer actions​
  • Delayed Background Color Rendering: Background colors experience a delay in rendering, leading to brief flashes during scrolling​
  • Redundant Creation of Font Tester Containers: The font tester is generating multiple similar containers, leading to unnecessary clutter in the DOM​
Download Slider Revolution v6.7.0 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.7.0 (5th April 2024)

Introducing Velocity Engine
Upgraded to SR7 “Velocity” Engine for improved efficiency and animation fluidity. Legacy SR6 Engine included for continued support​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.20 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.20 (21st December 2023)
New Features
  • Added WPML compatibility with the upcoming WPML Sliders AddOn​
  • Importing certain Slider will result in warnings​
  • Instagram functionality fixes​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.19 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.19 (7th December 2023)

Fullscreen carousel with padding overflows the module
Security vulnerability associated with unserializing objects from the ‘custom_animations.txt’ file.​
Download Download Slider Revolution v6.6.18 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.18 (23rd October 2023)

Regression in 6.6.17 causes sliders with height greater than window height get cropped​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.17 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.17 (21th October 2023)
  • Youtube video does not play from action on iOS due to bug in iOS audio permissions​
  • Vertical carousel does not align correctly if module height is bigger than viewport​
  • Alt tag from bg image is not written to page if panzoom is used​
  • Slide Direction Based Mirroring not working for Rotating animation​
  • Nested Group Layer – Text Layer not displaying correctly​
  • Added further PHP 8.2 compatibility​
  • Videos with percentage-based sizing on the stage are not aligning correctly​