Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin By ThemePunch

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin By ThemePunch v6.6.18 + Addons And Demos

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Download Download Slider Revolution v6.6.18 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.18 (23rd October 2023)

Regression in 6.6.17 causes sliders with height greater than window height get cropped​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.17 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.17 (21th October 2023)
  • Youtube video does not play from action on iOS due to bug in iOS audio permissions​
  • Vertical carousel does not align correctly if module height is bigger than viewport​
  • Alt tag from bg image is not written to page if panzoom is used​
  • Slide Direction Based Mirroring not working for Rotating animation​
  • Nested Group Layer – Text Layer not displaying correctly​
  • Added further PHP 8.2 compatibility​
  • Videos with percentage-based sizing on the stage are not aligning correctly​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.16 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.16 (30th August 2023)
New Features
  • Added option to limit title and excerpt in post meta by chars or words. I.e. {{title:words:5}}​
  • Instagram reel link is not set properly through the usage of {{link}}​
  • Custom fonts added in the global settings are tried to be loaded from Google if the precaching option is enabled​
  • Tags and categories fetched from posts are missing a space after ,​
  • Importing a template slider could result in a checksum failure​
  • Further security hardening​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.15 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.15 (1st August 2023)
New Features
  • Added compatibility for PHP 8.2​
  • Backend: init function conflicting with other global defined functions in some rare cases (i.e. Cooke Banner Plugin)​
  • Backend: missing WooCommerce escaping may cause a JavaScript error in the overview page​
  • Layer out animation is being ignored in specific cases where the length of carousel slides varies among siblings and the layer out animation is set to trigger at a later timepoint​
  • Slider importing could lead to an internal server error​
  • ogv reference as constant instead of variable in import process​
  • site-editor.php is not loading JS files needed for Slider Revolution Widgets​
  • Importing a slider manually may result in it becoming a template slider​
  • Willow filter doesn’t work in Safari NOTE: Due to browser limitations willow filter looks slightly different in Safari​
  • Slider with video background will jump on load/resize if device pixel ratio is high​
  • Keyframe does not work if it is placed near in animation​
  • Slider block cannot be addon into a homepage on​
  • Adjusting the Video volume to 100% is not possible on Android device​
  • When Panorama addon is enabled, crossfade BG animation will not work.​
  • SR block doesn’t update newly selected module​
  • Downloading template fails due to ajax error​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.14 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.14 (30th May 2023)
  • Backend: Whenever an empty folder is reopened, it will now automatically be reconnected to the root directory.​
  • Backend: Now, when opening an empty folder, a brief breadcrumb will be displayed to explain its empty status.​
  • Updated google fonts list​
  • Changed ajax call request name for the backend as the OWASP Core Ruleset does not allow the use of the old name​
  • Carousel jumps to wrong slide while navigating if slider is different height slides​
  • Opening modal with specific slide doesn’t work correctly on carousel slider​
  • Setting the zIndex value to “Auto” on hover resulted in a zIndex of 500, inadvertently leading to overlap with other areas.​
  • Editor: When the background color of a module is changed, it doesn’t update live to reflect the selected color. The background color only updates after the color picker modal is closed.​
  • Backend: Action references on global layers originating from slides other than the global slide are non-functional. Selecting any layer from global slides consequently results in the removal of the action from the list.​
  • SFX Block Layer transition only fades in Safari​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.13 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.13 (4th May 2023)
New Features
  • Module Creation Guide: New Content Editing Guide modal will be displayed on creating new module that will provide you links to and videos to guide you through settings and features to create new modules​
  • Template Editing Guide: New Template Editing Guide modal will be displayed when you are editing premium template, it will feature links to articles that explain only the features that are used in the template.​
  • Global Settings: Global settings are added to enable disable guide modals​
  • Carousel opacity has issues rendering on PHP 8.x​
  • Settings sticky bar label displays “undefined” on right side​
  • Modal Countdown is not stopping after closing modal, which breaks any further opening of Modal​
  • Blend Mode is not working on complex canvas animations​
  • Editor: sometimes layout settings fields are empty on loading editor​
  • Preview doesn’t work in backend if Yoast SEO is enabled​
  • Blend mode does not work during transition​
  • Improved security for manual imports​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.12 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.12 (29th March 2023)

  • Some AddOn kills references on image loading. Further protection needed on internal lazy loading​
  • Background images don't scale correctly in carousel when switching to fullscreen mode​
  • Resetting the size of shapes or images in the editor adds double "px" to the values​
  • Global layers do leave the stage on earlier slide if the layer is not animating out at the end of the slide​
  • Basic transforms causes layers to display behind another layer. iOS issue - Introducing iOS fix: perspective​
  • zIndex on hover is not working​
  • Material icons are loaded from google even if it is disabled in the global settings​
  • Action Needed filter in AddOn overview is not updated after updating an AddOn.​
  • Slider are loaded on post/page save, which causes in some case longer loading times​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.11 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.11 (23rd February 2023)


WPML constant ICL_PLUGIN_URL not defined in rare cases
Overlay effect gets more intense during transitions from Advanced Transitions addon.
Image layer set as cover fails to cover entire canvas area if an image has portrait dimensions
Vimeo video controls aren't rendering on layer
Food Carousel has a gap on specific dimensions
Deep link for modal not working using CustomEvent and event parameter detail:{slide:3}}
Filters in frames do not reset if filter is set to default values after having different values in other keyframes​
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.10 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.10 (25th January 2023)

Carousel is broken due to regression in 6.6.9​